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Skylight Construction

Supplied to the building site in pre-assembled form where possible, ARC-O-LITE skylights are constructed basically of 2 components - a shatter-proof molded acrylic dome - and an exclusively designed aluminum or vinyl curb frame.

Domes are offered in a variety of shapes. Curb frames may be mounted to wood or concrete curbs constructed by others, or with integrual metal curbs supplied by Architectural Plastics Limited.

Skylight General Features

  • All Architectural Plastics Skylight products are manufactured in conformance with Canadian government specifications CGSB 63-14-M89. Standard.
  • Wide range of standard types, dome colours and sizes to suit virtually any function or aesthetic requirement; also custom fabricated to any size or shape for unusual lighting effects.
  • Free daylighting provides ELECTRIC POWER SAVINGS and subsequent maintenance of artificial lighting.
  • Skylights act as a passive solar heating system.
  • Fast installation of pre-assembled units minimizes on-site costs.
  • Positive curb frame seal stops wind, rain, snow and dust; pliability of seal permits free expansion of acrylic during atmospheric change; low conductivity or acrylic resists formation of condensation.
  • Engineered to meet National Building code live load requirements.
  • Adds to apparent size of small rooms.
  • Acrylic dome materials proven to resist discolouration, hazing and loss of strength in more than a quarter-century of successful outdoor use. Meets fire code requirements when tested in accordance with ULC-S-102.2.
  • All skylights carry normal 1 year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.
  • Manufactured and designed in Canada.

Double Domes vs. Single Domes

Although all skylights may be supplied with single domes, double domes are recommended; they provide greater insulation than single domes i.e. will reduce heat build-up in summer and heat loss in winter. Double domes also guard against condensation and reduce sound transmission.

The following table shows average "U" values of acrylic skylights. Values are per .093 m (1 square foot) or well opening (not dome surface). Metric "U" value is expressed as W/(m .C) and imperial "U" value is expressed as Btu/ft .h .F.

   Dome Type       Winter Heat Loss       Summer Heat Gain   
Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
Domble Dome 4.0 0.7 2.8 0.5
Single Dome 6.8 1.2 4.5 0.8

Skylight Configurations

Skylights are available in a variety of standard shapes as illustrated below. For other dome configurations, consult with Architectural Plastics Limited.

Note: Truncated pyramid and flat shapes are limited to certain sizes. Check with Architectural Plastics Limited.

Skylight Colours

Skylights are offered in a choice of acrylic colours briefly described below:

Clear Acrylic (Colourless)

Allows maximum light penetration and permits view of the sky. Glare from the sun and privacy should be considered when choosing a clear dome.

White Acrylic (Translucent)

For optimum diffused light and control of solar heat. Most popular for daylighting applications. Gives maximum candles of light at floor level.

Solar Control Tints

Transparent colours reduce interior solar heat gain, control glare and prevent bleaching of furnishings while permitting clear vision to outdoors. Bronze tints are the most popular because they make outdoors slightly brighter while actually reducing light intensity. Sufficient light is transmitted through tinted domes to support most plant life; lighter densities for plants requiring maximum sunlight, darker densities for plants requiring partial shade.

Thickness of acrylic may be 3mm (1/8"), 5mm (3/16") or 6mm (1/4"), depending on skylight size.

Special Colours

A wide range of transparent and translucent acrylic colours are available for special effect. Consult with Architectural Plastics Limited. Indicate colour of acrylic when specifying or ordering.


Acrylic domes are self-cleaning and require no maintenance; the smooth dome finish and shape discourages dirt. However, if fine cleaning is desired, domes may be cleaned using most household detergents or ammonia and water. Do not use paint thinners, turpentine or similar solvents for cleaning.

Frame Types
Aluminum: (Superior Quality)

Utilizes a combination of vinyl and aluminum (i.e. NFF & SR. frames.) These types of frames are stronger, have better weatherability and less expansion and contraction.

Vinyl: (Good Quality)

Utilizes a high impact resistance vinyl inner frame and painted aluminum retaining (i.e. SFV & CMV) frames. These type of frames are more condensation resistant but should not be used in longer length than 5'-0" due to expansion and contraction.

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